Where do coffee tables go?

Furniture Bank Toronto has found a great way to visualize how to express the impact of in-kind donations to corporate and community partners. As long as you are capturing the items you are collecting and the Zip/postal code of the donor and beneficiary family receiving an item it is not hard today to ‘map’ where the donations come from and go to.

Today’s Example

Later this afternoon we are having a “Build-A-Thon” at a large telco in downtown Toronto. A team of 110 office executives will have 1 hour to build 55 coffee tables and bookcases. They will be collected and brought to the Toronto Furniture Bank and then passed on to families. They should all be in new homes by Friday! You’ve probably noticed donors have a very hard time visualizing the size of the problem, and we find maps help.

If you are interested in ‘how’ – let me know and I can write a member post on the steps to do it. Email me dan.kershaw@furniturebank.org and maybe we can collaborate on a joint version. If we all provided data in a consistent format we can map anywhere.


So here are 2 maps visualizing ‘2018 Coffee Table & Bookshelf’ community impact:



Where donations came from (with our pickup service)

Where do coffee tables go? 1

Where these same donations we sent too Where do coffee tables go? 2


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